Dr. Liz Covart is an early America historian with a key focus on scholarly history, public history, and digital humanities. Currently, Dr. Covart works as the Digital Projects Editor for the Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture. She also spends time hosting the early American history podcast Ben Franklin’s World, which has (at the time of this blog being posted) over 300 episodes. As a digital scholar, Dr. Covart is very adept at navigating a professional persona over social media. On Twitter, she follows what Barbour and Marshall outline in their article “The academic online: Constructing persona through the World Wide Web” as a “comprehensive self”. Her Twitter audience gets to see a variety of interactions from Dr. Covart with other historians, while also getting a peek into a more personal side, such as her introducing the new plants she’s purchased. Overall, Dr. Covart’s online presence provides a concise look into her professional world while still curating the occasional personal post in order to create this comprehensive, professional online persona.


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